Donald L. Koch

CEO in St. Louis, Missouri

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Combining decades of direct experience in the finance management and investment industries, Donald L. Koch brings a highly trained and dedicated approach to managing his clients’ funds. Since 1988, Koch has served as the Chief Executive Office of Koch Asset Management LLC, a firm that focuses on assisting its clients in making sound financial decisions regarding their investments.

Donald L. Koch attended Principia College in Illinois from 1964 through 1968, eventually earning his Bachelor of Arts in Economics. The following year, he pursued graduate studies at Trinity College in Connecticut, graduating with distinction in his field. Subsequently, he attended Harvard Business School from 1982 to 1983, where he studied in the Advanced Management Program.

In addition to the extensive knowledge with which he furnishes his clients, Donald L. Koch has also made his expertise in finance management and investments available to the public via his publication in numerous periodicals and other outlets. Such articles include “The Micro Solution,” published in the Economic Review, a publication of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta; and “High Technology: The Southeast Reaches Out for Growth Industry,” co-authored with William N. Cox, Delores W. Steinhauser, and Pamela V. Whigham, and published in the same magazine. Donald L. Koch has also contributed extensively to The Banker magazine, Business Economics, and Discussion on Business Outlook. Donald L. Koch began his long and fruitful career in the finance management industry by taking a position as Chief Economist with Barnett Banks of Florida, Inc., a position based out of Jacksonville, Florida. In addition, Donald L. Koch has fulfilled various responsibilities for such roles as Senior Vice President and Director of Research of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and Professor of Finance at the Georgia Institute of Technology, among others.