Donald Clark

Central USA

At age 56 I made the life changing decision to stop my destructive drinking and finally start to live a decent life. This blog is the record of my journey and reflections on how I got to where I am today and where I am headed.

I am a life long classical music fan, I do freelance concert and CD reviews for my own blog, my local orchestra's blog and for a national classical music web magazine.

I also sing in several choral goups and solos around town.

As an avid cook, specializing in Creole and New Orleans influenced dishes, I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and reading cookbooks. My gumbo, red beans and rice, grillades and savory pies are legend around here.

Dad to three wonderful children, one who left us way too early in 1999. Dad also to a special needs pug who is Royal and thus rules over all she surveys.

The background to this page is of course Mt McKinley, Alaska, aka Denali. I visited Denali last summer and was simply in awe of its grandeur and power. It is also cold, craggy and forbiding. Much like life and the road to sobriety, actually. And yes, I took the picture.

My "Sobriety Checkpoint" blog may not be the most exciting and glamourous one on Wordpress, but it is me, it is mine and it is the sometimes painful truth.

Come join me.

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