Don Reese Jr.

Born in Mobile, AL. I grew up in Crossroads, Alabama. I went to highschool in Baldwin County where I attended Daphne High School. I graduated from Daphne high school in 07'. I Played football at UAB, I currently attend UAB. I like playing video games and watching Netflix. Business Administration major. I just began to learn another language, which I never thought would happen. I finish my bachelors degree in may and plan on going back to school to get my masters. My zodiac sign is scorpio. I lived in Alabama all my life. I lived in Prichard, AL. until 5. We moved across the bay to Crossroads becuase my parents house burned down and so they chose to move in the country. While in Prichard I attended Love Joy Temple and when we moved across the bay I attended Delta Elementary school.

I am also on facebook and twitter. I love to travel, if I could do nothing more than travel for the rest of my life I would be happy. My favorite things to eat are hamburgers and shrimp in no particular order. I also love to throw down on some crawfish! Im a decent cook and I recently got a new Goerge foreman grill thanks to my girlfriend. I like all genres of music from hip hop to country; however, the only country artists I listen to is Hank Williams and Hank Wiliams Jr. Some of the hip hop artist I listen to is Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Kayne West, Future, and any old school artist. I also listen to Rock N' Roll. My favorite artist in this genre is Jimi Hendrix. I also enjoy listening to the Rolling Stones and Nirvana. My favorite Athlete is Muhammad Ali whom I would like to meet one day if that is posible.