Donald R Fralic

For over 15 years, Donald R. Fralic has offered cost savings opportunities related to the health care field from his Monroeville, Pittsburgh-based firm, MedisaveRx / Cash-Ware Inc. Using a patented formula that utilizes different economic theories, MedisaveRx / Cash-Ware enables people to receive significant cash payments on their prescriptions. The MedisaveRx process encourages corporate clients to give employees a share of the savings they receive if they purchase recommended lower-cost medications. Through Donald R. Fralic's idea, entities can save at least 10 percent on prescription drug costs without having to drastically restructure their health care plans.

Before entering business, Donald R. Fralic obtained a degree in industrial engineering from The Pennsylvania State University. Subsequently, he joined United States Steel as an Industrial Engineer, performed time studies, developed Fortran programs, and handled heat-centered trailer ingot simulations.

After a year, Fralic joined IBM as a Systems Engineer and acted as a Project Leader at a Project Application Lab for Pittsburgh Steel Company. Later, he accepted the role of National Account Manager for National Steel Corporation.

Donald R. Fralic's next positions involved him as an Analyst with Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. and as a District Marketing Manager for Greyhound Computer Corporation. For the next several years, Fralic focused on sales with ITEL and Leasco Corporation.

In the mid-1970s, Donald R. Fralic started as President and Chief Executive Officer of Cashflow Design, Inc.; he served there for almost 20 years. Offering tax-leveraged leases, he turned Cashflow Design into a multimillion-dollar company with clients such as The World Bank, National Steel Corporation, AT&T, Cessna, Mead Paper, United Technology, and Weirton Steel. At the conclusion of this portion of his career, Fralic became part of MedisaveRx / Cash-Ware.