Donald Richardson

Author and Writer in Westbury, NY

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A native New Yorker, Donald Richardson was born and raised in Westbury, NY on Long Island. He chose the criminal life early in his youth, and at the tender age of 17 got his first taste of institutionalization. Serving time at such a young age numbed Donald to incarceration and criminal life.

This path would lead him to serve over 20 years of his life in the New York prison system. As he grew older he became wiser, he decided that he would not only turn his life around but also make it a point to help others choose a better path in life- away from crime and gangs toward a path of purpose and destiny.

After his release he decided to write about his experiences with Tupac which helped him to reflect on his life. It is this story, he believes, that shines as an example of what bad decision making can do to one's life and the lives of others. He wants to teach people to live to reach their destinies, so that poor decision making wont seal their fate.

It is this story he wants to bring to the world, especially to the Black community and poor minority communities throughout the nation.