Donald T Welsh

Donald T. Welsh joined the United States Marine Corps in 1967 and retired as a Colonel in 1991, having served in a variety of roles on several continents. The majority of Donald T. Welsh's time in the Marines was spent in logistics operations. Donald T. Welsh distinguished himself as a Logistician by consistently improving supply chain operations and developing new procedures to optimize logistics performance during peace and war.

In Operation Desert Storm, Donald T. Welsh was responsible for port operations in Saudi Arabia, directing a team that greatly reduced the time needed to offload supply vessels. Donald T. Welsh also worked on a joint logistics operation that was responsible for supplying Air Force One, among other duties. As an International Liaison Officer from 1986 to 1990, Donald T. Welsh worked with the governments and armed forces of Germany, Norway, and Honduras. In this role, Donald T. Welsh made military capability presentations to top-level government officials and developed wartime contingency plans for North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries in Northern Europe.

Donald T. Welsh has a broad educational background to complement the wide range of duties he performed while a member of the United States Marine Corps. Donald T. Welsh graduated from American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts, with a Bachelor of Arts in History. He later earned a Master of Arts in Business Management and Supervision from Central Michigan University. Donald T. Welsh also earned a Certificate in Systems Management from the United States Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. In his capacity as an International Liaison Officer, Donald T. Welsh studied at the esteemed Norwegian National Defense College in Oslo, Norway, and became fluent in Norwegian.

After retiring from the Marines, Donald T. Welsh worked as Director of Operations for a military contractor in Jacksonville, Florida, and then taught military and naval science at high schools in Virginia and Massachusetts. Donald T. Welsh is currently serving as Facilities Manager for a large health care provider in Rhode Island.