donald brown

Arkansas, United States

just sitting here with my knee half way up my leg...And two elbows hanging half-way down my arms! all is good tho!
i need to start a team!!!!!!!!!!!! so who would like to join up with me for this contest?
January 31 at 6:00pm until February 7 at 6:00pm
All over Cleburne County.
On Friday, January 31st at 6 pm we will be starting our BIGGEST CONTEST YET. Why are we telling you now? will take big planning to participate in this contest.
Participants will be required to be part of 4 person teams (assembled by you.) The contest will require serious commitment by the team. There will be a list of Scavenger Hunt Items that the team will choose from to TAKE PHOTOS OF such as "entire team playing poker" for 2 points, "entire team sitting on the rock fountain at the new Baptist hospital in Heber Springs" for 4 points or "entire team in a tree house" for 8 points....relax...none of these will be used in the contest. There will be a LONG list to choose from, no one team has to complete all the items, the team with the most points at the end of the contest wins.
1. Heber Springs Today and sponsors are not responsible for any loss or injury as a result of participating in this contest.
2. Team members don't have to read or like these rules but to participate they must be followed.
3. Participants must be 18 years old to enter the contest.
4. ‘Entire Team’ means your ENTIRE TEAM — you WILL require a fifth party to get all four of you in one single frame. Complete strangers are often really helpful in this regard.
5. ‘Person, Place or Thing’ means ACTUAL item — you may NOT take a photo of a photo of a cat, nor may you find the image online and pretend that you took the pic.
6. ‘Someone’ can be ANYONE — a friend, relative, a teammate, a roommate, a stranger, a cop, a waitress, we don’t care; we just want that action immortalized digitally.
7. ‘Stranger’ means someone you DO NOT KNOW — and once they’ve taken a shot with you, they are now family — every Stranger picture will require someone NEW.
8. ‘Teammate’ means one of the four people signed up on the team, one of the four folks who are on your team and appear in every single Entire Team picture.
9. Each picture may count only for one item — a shot of a deer in headlight giving birth is worth only ‘deer in headlights’ or ‘something giving birth’ — NOT BOTH.
10. If we canno

  • Work
    • Disabled
  • Education
    • Ged