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As- Salam Al- kum

‘All praise is for Allah. We praise Him and seek His help and His forgiveness and we believe in Him and rely on Him. We seek refuge with Allah from the evils of ourselves and the vices of our deeds. There is no one to misguide whom Allah guides and there is no one to guide whom Allah lets go astray’

Let our faith in Allah shine, May he, only show us the path to the true light of our faith and May he be blessed in his infinite mercies. He alone could save us.
We have stationed our step fast faith in him and only in him alone. The key to our faith is the promise of Allah to us and he will raise help in our moment of torments, if we stand firm within the true faith of Islam.
Friends and family of Aminat, joins her in fighting Cancer.
The page is dedicated to our sister, daughter and friend, Aminat. On August 22, 2013 Aminat a 14 years old girl was diagnosed with stage-4 Brain Cancer (Brain Tumor).
A little bit about Aminat: I am Aminat’s older sister by 6 years. In our youth we created magical plays about the lion and the tamer. We crawled through cabinets, fought over Pieces of biscuits, and even shared Chicken Pox. These stories impacted our lives and today, Aminat is incredibly brilliant with love of going to mosque for her 5 prayers daily, loves music and film. As a vegan, she has compassion for animal and planet.
Aminat is still in secondary school studying science subjects at an Islamic community school and has been working at her best to becoming a Nurse in the nearest future. This unexpected life event is a setback that reminds me of Aminat and the river - a metaphor for the hurdle that had been thrown her way.
So I do believe in Allah, Life will eventually free her unharmed.
As a family, we are saddened that cancer touched us, but Aminat has shown an amazingly positive attitude and is continuing a healthy, active life. Aminat has a long fight ahead of her and she will be unable to go to school during her treatment.
I am hosting this fundraiser to absorb the therapy treatment and other medical costs, transportation, and Hospital admissions with cost of drugs and treatment costs basic living expenses, and Healthy natural food to support her, on her path to a healthy life.
May Allah reward you all as you help us by helping her.
Thank you for your support.
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