Donavan Byrn

I have a deep appreciation and love for art in all its many forms and I have been fortunate at times over the years to help support some of my favorite local artists. I believe that the ability to create is what sets humans slightly apart from the rest of nature and that EVERYONE is creative in their own way. I also believe that one's community should be better for one's presence, helping it to grow and change for the good of all.

My passion for art and community is why I have been an active member of Creative Fresno since 2004. I served on the Interim Board that transformed Creative Fresno into a full-fledged 501-c3. I was a founding member of and continue to serve on the Blender Committee and since 2005 I have chaired the Mural Project. I feel strongly that Creative Fresno and fantastic organizations that we partner with are creating change in Fresno and will help the region reawaken its potential.