Don Chamberlin

St. Louis, Missouri

Don Chamberlin is the Founder and CEO of the financial and tax planning firm The Chamberlin Group, based in St. Louis Missouri. Mr. Chamberlin created the financing company in 2002 with the intention of providing a direct and efficient facility for planning and managing individual wealth and finances. The firm is composed of expert tax advisors, attorneys, and accountants with years of experience in managing risk and planning finances for the future.

With over a decade of experience and financial success, The Chamberlin Group provides expert services to accommodate the needs of its clients, including tax preparation and a range of planning options for income, estate, tax, insurance, Medicare, and retirement opportunities. To Don Chamberlin, each client should be treated as family, and The Chamberlin Group addresses the unique financial needs of each individual seeking financial guidance.

Since 2011, Mr. Chamberlin is also Principal and Chief of Sales and Distribution Officer at the Clarity 2 Prosperity Advisory Group. The company, an independently owned, financial advisory organization, is based on the premise that no financial advisor should have to work alone, and provides a wealth of resources to independent financial advisors to support their growth and leadership in the industry. With Clarity 2 Prosperity, he maintains the role of coach and model office, and has received a number of accolades for his services in the industry. He has been recognized as the top producer in 2009 with The Chamberlin Group, and has averaged $14.7 million in personal production over the last nine years. With his prolific track record of success as a financial advisor, Mr. Chamberlin assists over 2,500 clients each year, and continues to perfect his effective and innovative tax-planning model.

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