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Relevant Backlinks:

Our Linking is simple: Document Matching! If you do not have well written, well planned linking to your website, you are not going to rank! Our in-house team acquires the right links in the perfect micro velocity for your business. This ensures a constant traction in the SERPS. All of your links come from PR5 and above root domains and will also be placed on PR2 and above pages for optimum relevant authority.
Adaptive Social Signals:

Each Month, Our Level 2′s and up, will receive what we call adaptive social signals. These are called ‘adaptive’ because you will not get the same person ‘liking’, ‘tweeting’, ‘hash tagging’, or ‘+1′ing’ your page throughout your campaign. So, as an example: Let’s say you are promoting a page on your website and in the first 30 days you received 17 FaceBook likes to that page. Those 17 Facebook likes will come from 17 different people. And then next month, you will get new ‘likes’ from completely new people. This means that your Social signaling is continually growing in diversity and Brand name or Product recognition every month. This will happen on all of the different social platforms that are well respected throughout social sites. Some of the more common trusted platforms we are currently sending signals from are Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Google +1, Pinterest, and more.
Premium Press Releases:

Our Premium Press release service uses the world’s top PR Firms to distribute fresh news about your product, brand name, or industry throughout the region. In SEO, building trust, authority, and establishing your name with these communities are going to make a huge impact on your sales. We write, and hand submit your press releases into over 20 different PR firms, news wires, distribution outlets, social news portals, and more. We don’t stop there, with a powerful backlink campaign you need to take extra steps. So, our Social Media team will then take your Press Release urls, and give it an extra Social Media backlink boost through the major networks. Our Press Releases are so well syndicated, that each Press Release will have a minimum of 500 daily news results, picked up by major traffic platforms, cities, wires, social media hubs and more. This is Social Link Building at it’s best, This is GTS!
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