Don Crowe Psychology

Orinda, CA

A clinical psychologist for more than 35 years, Don Crowe, Ph.D., currently manages a private practice in Orinda, California, where he provides diagnosis and treatment to a wide variety of patients, including business and medical professionals, artists, clergy, and public employees such as teachers and police officers. In his practice, Dr. Crowe does not limit his focus to any one theoretical framework, but emphasizes an individual, personal response. Using his patients' present concerns as a starting point, he collaborates with them to explore new ways of being, reacting, and operating to meet their particular needs. A patient's internal motivation serves as an essential cornerstone in this process. In addition, Dr. Don Crowe believes that moral and philosophical guidance can be an important part of psychotherapy and supports the use of spirituality and faith in healthy living. He applies his therapy principles to many different types of cases, including mood and personality disorders, parenting and relationship challenges, work-related stress, addictions, and social phobias. Recently, Dr. Crowe has been developing tools to deal with issues related to aging.

Licensed by the State of California, Don Crowe, Ph.D., is a member of the American Psychological Association. He has published his research in leading journals, including the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. In addition to his therapy practice, Dr. Crowe is a professional photographer. One of his most recent projects, Dog Tags, features images of veterans and their pets. Partly sponsored by the Pets for Vets initiative, the project is currently on display at the San Francisco VA Medical Center. Dr. Crowe also contributes to several charitable organizations, including the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Rosa Parks Institute, and supports an orphan in Da Nang, Vietnam. He enjoys sailing and fishing with his wife and adopted daughter.

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    • Clinical Psychologist
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    • North Carolina State University