Don David Wilson

Don David Wilson has been credited with decades of experience in the franchising industry. Mr. Wilson launched his first company, Fran-Mark Corporation, later to become FranCap Corporation, the corporate entity also known as Franchise Capital Resources Fund, in 1964. FranCap was initially founded to meet the capital needs of businesses operating within the franchise system of marketing. Don David Wilson assisted his attorney-of-record in gathering and submitting documents that would lead to the creation of the nation’s first franchise laws, passed in California in 1971. Since then, Mr. Wilson has assisted in the formation of more than 200 national and international franchises that include Car Care USA, Fax World, Mia International, Monroe Bradley Publishing, and Lube Pit Stop. As FranCap grew more successful, Don David Wilson launched other companies to support it, such as Cartel Funding, LLC, a venture capital fund authorized to buy and trade securities in the public market, and Business Development & Management Corporation (BD&M;), a holding company. In more recent years, Mr. Wilson has founded companies such as Netword, an Internet search technology firm he guided through new technology patent applications. Netword works alongside Internet search engines, allowing its users to seek out local businesses using specific keywords called “networds”. After purchasing and restructuring Netword, Mr. Wilson created Rabbit Marketing Services, LLC, an advertising agency intended to focus exclusively on the marketing of Netword in both original and joint venture operations. Don David Wilson’s debut into the business world began shortly after his graduation from Miami Beach High School. He began by selling securities, specifically insured mutual funds called contractual investment plans. It was then that Mr. Wilson first gleaned an interest in the marketplace and gained an understanding of how to invest to one’s advantage. Don David Wilson continued his studies at both Northeastern University in Boston and the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati before turning his full attention to the business world.