Gerardo Juarez

Art Director, Filmmaker, and Digital Director in Mexico City, Mexico

Gerardo Juarez

Art Director, Filmmaker, and Digital Director in Mexico City, Mexico

"What risk would you take if you knew you could not fail?"

Gerard is a digital media and content specialist with a strong communications background and extensive experience in digital marketing, digital media, 3D, augmented reality, content production and social media.

Communication sciences graduate, his focus on digital media and content management, and his background as marketing specialist, designer and web developer gives him a commercial strategic vision, sense of aesthetics, usability, and functionality. More than just see and understand the world, he wants to change it, improve it. That's why Gerard works every days in a smarter, friendly and amazing world 4.0

Currently his projects include:

Media & Marketing Channel, a digital channel focused on the last trends, news and reviews about marketing and digital media.

DysrupTV, a channel and community about new technologies, disruptive business models, creativity, gadgets, startups, makers movement, collaborative economy and cyber renaissance.

CDMXPulse, a news channel focused on lifestyle, urbanism and the beat of CDMX.

XtraTop, a pop culture and digital collective channel.

Some of his past projects:

Citronette (a digital collective with focus on 3D and augmented reality for which he wrote a tech blog too).

Disruptive Art X3 (a unified virtual art platform in collaboration with the Space Art Group from the National Arts Center).

Berkerova (a russian-mexican mobile apps and videogames initiative).

4D DigitAll (an augmented reality commercial platform).

Midnight Graffiti (a weekly tech show on 4D DigitAll).

La Barda (a pop culture collective where he also hosted Sunday Morning Festa, a science fiction and fantasy video show, podcast and community, co-hosted with Rolande Ryan).

As a voice actor, Gerard has appeared in Beverly Hills 90210, The Iron Giant and The Pebble and the Penguin; all for latin american audiences.

He is working since the last september on the script of his new book 'The Thief Knights'.

  • Work
    • Digital Media Director
  • Education
    • Universidad Nacional Autónoma De México
    • Communication Science
    • Interactive Marketing
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Social Intelligence