Donetha Polite

California, United States

Donetha Polite (39) hails from Bartow, FL. She's a poetess, a novelist, and an aspiring screenwriter. She has one son, a writer and entreprenuer within his own right, Mr. Keyon C. Polite (17). Together, they have formed the self-publishing mogul KingDominion Publishers, LLC with over 22 titles, six imprints, and an Indie Film Production Company that is currently in the developmental stage.

Polite is an ex-soldier (US Army). She was honorably discharged in 2003 after a visit to the emergency revealed that she has a hereditary illness call Sickle-Thalassemia (Sickle Cell combined with Beta Thalassemia). She didn't let this illnes stop her though. Actually, it made her more determined to pursue her dreams. She owns her own company that she"s recently established, D'Lite Publications, Ink., and she has just started a quarterly online publicaion, DetermineD Magazine, which highlights upcoming and aspiring screenwriters, authors, poets, actors, and actresses. To date, Polite has written three screenplays of which two are feature films and one television series. Currently her screenplay "Soldier Girl", has reached level four on Juntobox Films (click on the link below to follow this project, join the community to rate and support it). However, all three screenplays are ready for the next step in production.

She has a total of six books, four under her pen-name, N'spired Wit'Love and two under her given name. Her first three books is a trilogy based on her life's true story and inspired by real events. The series was originally titled 'The Forbidden Truth' but Polite has since changed the title to 'The Soldier Girl' series. Her fourth book is title 'The Crossroad of Friendship', followed by 'Unapologetic' and 'The Blood Line: Behind the Shield'.

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  • Work
    • D'Lite Publications, Ink.
  • Education
    • Self taught and learned by living