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Initially established in 1958 with 60 beds to provide basic health facilities to the government employees, the hospital has expanded considerably and has been totally transformed over the years. This change started when it was declared as a teaching hospital attached to AIMC in 1977. Today its 1196 beds are located in 31 departments, with 27 major operation theaters and 8 minor OTs and an out patient attendance of 700 patients (on an average) per day. Fiscal constraints have led to seeking out alternative avenues of funding including philanthropic support. Changing the emphasis to preventive work is encouraged notably in the Paediatrics department to avert unnecessary infant and child deaths due to pneumonia, malnutrition, diarrhea or vaccine-preventable illnesses. Major effort is made to control major communicable diseases such as Tuberculosis, Malaria, viral Hepatitis B & C, HIV/AIDS and Dengue with the help of department of infectious diseases headed by Prof. Sobia Qazi (Diplomat American Board of Infectious diseases). Attempts are being made to keep the services of this tertiary care institution in line with the latest technological advances while keeping the demands within the tight fiscal resources. If financial autonomy is given in the true sense, service delivery is likely to improve further. Sophisticated laboratory and radiographical procedures, investigations and examinations are performed totally free for all the patients admitted in the hospital and in A&E department