Don Gaconnet

Artist in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

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Raised in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, his art career began as an illustrator and graphic designer with a focus on powerful advertising and website designs. Despite his success in this domain, his passion has always been in creating surreal Gothic, ethereal style drawings and and fine art paintings.

As a teenage he lived in the central coastal area of Oregon, where he

began studying studio art, stained glass, sign painting, murals, oil painting & wood carving in local workshops, specialist classes offered through community colleges and apprenticeships with other professional artists.

His works have earned him awards since childhood in a variety of different mediums. His artwork is currently displayed in galleries and private collections nationally.

“My inspiration is driven by natures beauty and the emotional communication that occurs between all living things. I strive to convey deeper meaning from unique perspectives that capture the viewers attention and invite them to reflect within themselves”.