Don Gall

Don Gall was always interested in gadgets so it was only natural that he had an interest in the iPad when it first came on the market. He, just like many other tech heads was intrigued by all the functions that the iPad came with and was interested in figuring out how he could benefit even more from using the device even if it meant entering the world of jailbreaking.
After a while that is exactly what he did and after learning all the cons that come with this process and learning how to effectively avoid he has a device that he gets great service from.
He made the decision to share some of his new found knowledge with others who also have an interest in getting the most out of their device. The tips are outlined in a fashion that is extremely easy to understand and even the individual that is not technologically inclined will have an understanding of what Don has outlined in his book 'How To Master Your IPad 3 - In-Depth Guide To Jail Breaking Apps,Features And Exclusive Secrets'.
The process is pretty simple. The technology will continue to evolve so it is best to catch up as soon as possible so that one does not get left behind the technological wave.

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