Dongcheng Reusable bags

Following the trend of environment protection, people start to think about using green products. Reusable bags are one of those trends. Plastic bags in many countries have been ban such as some cities in Alaska, American and California. Some countries charge customers money for plastic bags ranging from 5 cents to 1 dollar to encourage using reusable bags. Although Canada still allows people to use plastic bags, the Toronto City Council voted to ban plastic bags, beginning January 1, 2013, and many stores in Canada begin to charge people 5 cents for each plastic bag such as Loblaw's, Metros, and Canadian Super Store. Reusable bags will be a global trend and more people will think about using reusable bags in the future.

Dongcheng Company has been set up for more than 10 year. With mature production technology, a great variety of product and huge client base, Dongcheng Company tends to expand its product and service abroad. There are different kinds of bags with all different colors produced in this company, such as shopping bags with zipper or without zipper, souvenir bags, wine bags, jewelry pouches, etc.