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Hey thanks for reading this! My name is Ri im 20 years old an enfp im a guy and i love making new friends/mutuals!!! i really really really love Nct and Infinite they are my ults i love them with all my heart!!! ill never shut up about them ever so just be warned. like seriously they are all i post about. I also never shut up about my love for donghyuck, him and myungsoo are my ults and i love writing big paragraphs about them so if you find that annoying i dont think you should follow me. I'm a soft stan so if you dont like that i suggest you dont follow me, Also i dont like it when people ship themselves with kidols or any of that shit keep that far away from me thanks! i swear like every other word too im sorry..... I also like anime but i dont really talk about it as much anymore, my favs are love live and yowapedal so feel free to talk to me about them cause i still really love them!!! If you ever want to talk just shoot me a dm ill reply as fast as i can i love talking to people!! Well thats all thank you if you read through this! im a public acc so it doesnt matter if you read this anyway

Art igs: @ribianey & @nmijoo (kpop acc)