Don Giannatti

Phoenix, Arizona

Photographer, Designer, Writer, Musician, lover of life and passionate about creativity. From photographer to being Creative Director for a large Ad Agency, I put everything I have into consistent innovation. Currently on hiatus from workshops while I finish a new online educational program, you can find me working at my studio or traveling the southwest for a wide variety of clients.

If you are interested in photography, you should check out my Lighting Essentials site. There is a Facebook Page for photographers as well. Oh, this is my commercial photography portfolio. You can find out more about my graphic design work at

To see what is in my camera bag please check out my ShotKit

My first book: "Lighting Essentials: Subject Centric Light for Digital Photographers"

My second book: "Lighting Essentials: Lighting for Texture, Contrast, and Dimension in Digital Photography"

My third book: "Don Giannatti's Guide to Professional Photography: Achieve Creative and Financial Success"

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    • Yes, I have some.