Donald Giovany

Artist, Art Director, and Writer in Morrisville, Pennsylvania

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Donald Giovany was born in New York from Haitian and Dominican parents and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He now lives in Harlem, New York City. In the eighties, he began exploring his artistic and cultural inclination with Boulou at Koleksyon Kazak In Miami, Florida. In 1992, he studied Haitian percussion with Master Haitian Drummer, Fritzner Augustin at Hunter College. Later that year, he joined and performed with La Troupe Makandal at Carnegie Hall, the 92nd Street Y and The National Endowment For The Arts in Washington D.C. Giovany is also a passionate poet and artist with several awards for his poetry. His art has been on exhibit in New York, Paris and Port-au-Prince. Haiti. Giovany’s artwork is both inspiring upliftings and whimsical. His art often evokes soulful, personal expressions based on his life experience and his Latino-Caribbean heritage. His written words and painted canvases are a product of his cultural heritage and challenge various social trends and misconceptions in our society today.