Yue Dong

Rochester, Minnesota

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With collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, researchers, educators and engineers, my primary interest is applying various modeling and simulation technology and applications on healthcare delivery systems re-engineering towards the ultimate goal of improving the value of health care: Outcome+ Safety+ Service / cost over time.

The main themes are:

1) Using systems engineering/operation research approach (modeling and simulation) to study and improve system performance.

2) Using simulation as a tool to study human performance variation under different “stress test” (fatigue, cognition, workload, etc.) and conduct device usability testing.

3) study the effectiveness of simulation based medical education (SBME) by develop valid outcome measurement and stretch measurement endpoint from simulation lab to clinical practice, providing highly reliable data for valid decision (future high-stakes testing).

4) medical education focused on patient safety, quality improvement and system thinking.

Specialties: anesthesiology, critical care, medical simulation, healthcare systems engineering, medicine 2.0