Donia Gobar

Growing up in Afghanistan, I always wanted to become a physician. After earning my medical degree, I particularly focused on helping women in need and those who had limited medical care in my country. Through further studies in Europe and America, I widened my sphere of knowledge to better identify the root cause of health issues I observed, heal those in need, and prevent future recurrences. My life changed dramatically because of war in my country. As a displaced person, despite all the involuntary changes in my life, a compassion for vulnerable populations has been the driving force behind all my decisions. My creative nature (painter, sculptor, writer, poet)and artistic inclinations have been important contributing factors behind my emotional and personal strength. Through writing poems and stories as well as through painting I try to express thoughts and feelings ,my own and of those whose voices are unheard by the busy world of business and greed. People are responsible and deserve to live in a world without war, greed, violence, crime, and political manipulations. Every human being has the right to freedom of thoughts, words, religion, and actions as long as it is not used to hurt others. Only ignorant or political manipulators would use false representation of people's beliefs to satisfy personal greed or justify criminal actions. “Humanity survives through wisdom, courage, and justice. Violence is never the answer to problems of the world. And, truth—the unconditional truth, is the key to humanity.” and “Regardless of whom, where, and when, we all are responsible for the path that humanity takes, and for what the history of humanity will hold for its future generations.” ("The Invisibles: A Collection of Poetry & Artwork" By: Donia Gobar, Googlebooks, )