Donia Mahjoub

Donia Mahjoub

I was born in Lyon, or as Parisians call it, in the french province, where I have lived during 19 years.

High school finished, I took my bagpack to land in Wolverhampton, again a city located in the province, in England. I stayed there a little year to accomplish a European Voluntary Service in a charitable organisation providing support to people suffering from domestic violence.

After that, I graduated from a two-year technical degree in Communications in Vienne (still the French province, not in Austria, don't get too much excited).

Then, I was feeling like discovering big and high pictures, and thus, I naturally reached the capital : Paris!
No more provinces. Here, I finally liked working hard on finding an
accommodation, experiencing the subway, THE Eiffel Tower, and the
happy smiling faces of parisians (okay, the last point is ironic of course).

In short, I am Donia, I like communication, designing, lolcats, playing table football with my feet, Internet, kebab lovers, and who knows... maybe, You!