Don JayMor

Don JayMor- (Introduction) At the tender age of 23, R&B/Hip-Hop soul songwriter Don Jaymor presents a mature, yet new skool sound that is trending within his generation. This New York-native has had more than 900,000 downloads & streams throughout the Internet. With the support of online music communities such as Myspace, ReverbNation, Facebook, and Twitter, Don Jaymor's music is heard & played internationally! Visit some of Don Jaymor's music websites: (Short Edit)There is R&B, Soul and Pop, all of which this Bronx, New York-native Don JayMor emits. With his smooth ol' skool baritone-vocals, the 23-year-old songwriter can express his futuristic, yet soulful delivery on a diverse collection of new skool music. Much of DJM's vocal stylings began with jazz/gospel vocal training in high school.While growing up listening to various gifted artists like Aretha Franklin, Luther Vandross, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, and many others. With more than 900,000 downloads and streams all over the internet, Don JayMor's music is played and heard internationally. Online music websites such as, Last.FM, and have opened the door for independent artists such as Don Jaymor, to build a career and sell music. Since releasing his debut single "Spotlight" online in 2007, a number of online mixtapes, and his 2 albums thereafter from 2008-2009, DJM has received much exposure and support throughout the internet internationally. In DJM's hometown New York, he has performed at various venues all over the city including Don Hills, Club Speed, Iguana lounge, Ibiza lounge, the Cutting Room, Marfa Lounge, Madame X, the Hammerstein Ballroom, Karma Lounge, and much more. Visit DJM on MySpace at DJM's forthcoming independent album release "Don-mination" which is available for download on Rhapsody, AMAZON MP3 AND Itunes.COM NOW! " THE ONLY ONE" Mixtape is available for download. GOOGLE : Don JayMor

Don JayMor hit single- " Overdue"