Dmitry Karpov

Student, Director, and Actor in Москва, Россия

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I am interested in technology, software, Linux (mostly Ubuntu), Windows, pro-wrestling and XBox 360 gaming. I am also into weight training which I had a 3 year hiatus from since knowing I was about to have a son, who is the joy of my life. I am back now and ready to hit the metal!

I am obsessed with direct-response marketing, display advertising, copywriting, cryptocurrency, programming, reading, learning, growing and laughing my ass off along the way. I feel 1000% grateful and fortunate to be alive in a time like today; a technology renaissance of A.I., Cryptocurrency and Virtual Reality and Genetic engineering (which, I really don't know much about--genetic engineering, that is). But crypto, though, I'm obsessed with.

I'm looking forward to bringing that spirit and *right* to the entire world by decentralizing the concentrated powers and enabling people in other countries, who are less fortunate, and didn't win the ovarian lottery (by being born in the U.S.) to be able to use their creativity to change the world in their own unique way.

Also, I have some internet project. One of them is - on this site I publish my opinion about different products and tools.