Don Kellough

Pickering, Ontario

Since 2004 Don has been working as a corporate protection specialist and financial advisor and working very closely with and educating some of the top Canadian business owners, individuals and Canadian families in the Toronto area and Durham Region as a Financial Planning Advisor and a private wealth manager as to how life insurance can be used as a tax sheltering option for future income, business protection and even as an education fund for future generations. If designed properly it is all tax free.

Don is a very experienced, respected and sought after tax sheltering estate planner and private wealth manager expert for the upper middle income and high net worth investor that are looking to tax shelter surplus income.

Our private wealth management team uses an alternative investment strategy using whole life insurance to manage, protect, create and increase wealth for high net worth and upper middle income investors, small business owners and family run businesses. Life insurance is just not being used as a death benefit. It can be used to retire on tax free.

Our investment portfolio's are among the strongest, and safest giving the very best in security, stability and principle protection estate benefits.

Our traditional investment strategies and portfolio's come with many guarantees that the banks and other financial institutions do not offer.

As a financial planning advisor and private wealth manager Don helps business owners, and high net worth investors and individuals tax shelter their estates and incomes, using life insurance to increase and tax shelter wealth.

Don's impressive team of top small business advisors, small business tax advisor specialists, tax advisors and life insurance investment experts are driven by Don's passion to providing the best investment and estate planning and tax service ever. We show you how to use other people's money and tax shelter it at the same time. We work very closely with our clients and their families to ensure the highest level of service, returns, safety, security and stability within their portfolio's.

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