Sir Menelik/Scaramanga

-Sun Large Records/Star of the Empire MGMT/ Publ.( ASCAP): Licensed songs for Universal, DreamWorks, Geffen, WB, Gee Street, TVT, Rawkus, Caroline/EMI, Fat Beats, Traffic and Shooting Gallery (Substitute II, 51st State)

-Sir Menelik: "Cyclops 4000 " & "DR, OCTAGON"

{prod by Pimpin' Rex, Dan the Automator, D.J. Spinna,Elpee,Dj Hi-Tek,Artist} with 4 12's 1. "Physical Jewels" b/w "So Intelligent" featuring Kool Keith 2."Space Cadillac "feat. Kool Keith b/w "NightWork" 3."Space Cadillac Rmx." b/w "Gametime" & "Terrorworks " 4."Build for a sec" b/w "At You"

Jabbar EL: Jabbar El...Hard Whaling lp ,Egyptian Musk mixtape

-Scaramanga Shallah: 3 LP'Sand 1 Ep:

1. "Seven Eyes , Seven Horns";prod. by DITC (Diamond D , Showbiz) GodFather Don with 2 "12's":"Special Efx" feat. Godfather Don b/w Holding New Cards & Cash flow,"Mind I.C. Mine" b/w "Face it" & "Flashing $50's" and "7XL" ft Grand Puba & Sadat X, Rich King,Rick Williams,

2."Cobra Commander" feat BIGG DIBBZ fts Saigon

3. "Snake Eyes " feat. prod. by BIGG DIBBZ AND Hermez 3x'z Great with "Chesslords" feat. DonBishop Agallah b/w "Thorough Ni$$az"

4. "Don Diva Magazine Presents...Big City Hustlers Ep"

Jabbar El...Hard Whaling lp ,Egyptian Musk mixtape


- ULTRAMAGNETIC MC'S: KOOL KEITH :'The Beat Terrorists Presents Ep,"Sex Styles," "DR.OCTAGON"- Dan the Automator, Q-Bert,Prince Paul, Steven Spielberg,David Geffen

-Raw Breed,Mark Live Giveand,T.R.-Love (Beat Terrorists Ep)


-RAWKUS RECORDS: "Rawkus presents the Cleaner So Intelligent, Nightwork b/w 7XL ft GRAND PUBA & SADAT X ,"Soundbombing's 1&2 -Roc Raida,,John Forte,Black Shawn, Jarret Myer,Brian Brater,Rupert Murdoch Jr

-GODFATHER DON: "Diabolique" LP and the " 12"s "Big Katz ","No Competition" and "Life ain't the same " -Jerry Fomalari,Mike Herron [HYDRA ENT}


- "The Temple of Hip Hop by KRS-ONE

-THE WU-TANG CLAN/Think Differently cd ft/GZA, LA the Darkman and Rass Kass

-Raiz,Ali Vann,The Night Rydaz ( R-I-P D.O. Cannonz), B.A.G.S. CREW.Black Buddha Fly, Dante Ross,Del the Funky Homosapien, Headrillaz,Expansion Union