Don Moxley

I LOVE to learn, I LOVE to teach and I LOVE to coach. I am an exercise physiologist who specializes in fitness/athletic assessment, performance and wellness technology.

In February I was asked to work directly with the Ohio State University Wrestling Team, 2015 National Champions. The work we began in February has been extended and I will serve a the Sport Science Consultant to the team.

I began working with the team at Hydrus Performance Beverage this summer. Hydrus uses state of the art Liposome encapsulation. This technology makes Hydrus strongly hypotonic resulting in faster gastric emptying and faster intestinal absorption allowing for faster rehydration.

Hydrus is also a time-released electrolyte, it gently hydrates the body over hours. Hydrus does not require sugar. This allows Athletes to separate hydration from fueling, optimizing both for conditions and genetics.

My Previous work includes serving as an Asst. Professor and coordinating the Exercise Science program in the Sports Studies Department at Urbana University. I also work as a consultant for sports/fitness facilities, individual athletes and sport organizations. I am the owner of Lemonade Neighborhood Fitness, and Founder of ViA Performance Systems.

The cornerstone of my practice is my ability to integrate technology, purchased or invented, that gives exercisers the ability to track their performance in strength and cardiovascular training programs on a workout-by-workout basis.

I wrestled for The Ohio State University where I captained the team and earned a Big 10 Championship in 1985. Currently my personal time goes to supporting my wife and my daughter's lacrosse dreams. She is entering her senior year in high school and was invited to become a member of the OSU Lacrosse team after graduation. We are very proud!