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Don Moxley

Exercise Physiologist, Sport Scientist, Project Manager, and Consultant in Granville, Ohio

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I LOVE to learn, I LOVE to teach and I LOVE to coach. I am an exercise physiologist who specializes in fitness/athletic assessment, performance and wellness technology.

As a 1985 alum is the Ohio State University Wrestling team, In February 2015 I was thrilled to be asked to work directly with the Team. We went on to win the 2015 National Championship, the first in school history. I have had the privilege of working with the team ever since. This has been amazing work and experience. We continue to learn what it takes to perform athletically at the highest levels. Particularly using the feedback of the central nervous system to plan and periodize practice, training and recovery. Here is a link to an article that was done by the Ohio State Alumni Magazine.

My previous work includes serving as an Asst. Professor and coordinating the Exercise Science program in the Sports Studies Department at Urbana University. I also work as a consultant for sports/fitness facilities, individual athletes and sport organizations. I am the owner of Lemonade Neighborhood Fitness, and Founder of ViA Performance Systems.

The cornerstone of my practice is my ability to integrate technology, purchased or invented, that gives humans of all types the ability to track their performance in strength, cardiovascular and technical training programs on a workout-by-workout basis.

I wrestled for The Ohio State University where I captained the team and earned a Big 10 Championship in 1985. Currently my personal time goes to supporting my wife, and my daughter's lacrosse dreams. She is a member of the OSU Lacrosse team. We are very proud!

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