Donn Kirst

Seattle, Washington

When I put my mind to something that excited me, I would push forward and do it
...Becoming an exchange student in Mexico. I learned Spanish and was fluent
in less than 3 months...Building and selling spec houses and I did two at age
19...I was good at connecting, teaching, and entertaining people and was a
popular Customer Loyalty trainer for High End Resorts...I used my Spanish and rapport building skills to be a successful Real Estate agent in Las Vegas
and helped many Spanish speaking families become homeowners. I was able to
travel with my family to many destinations that once seemed like impossible

I was brimming with ideas and goals, but often my impulsive decisions often hindered my progress. I was on a struggle to get my head and my ass wired together. For most of this time in my adult life, I was looking for success clues.

I kept searching for that one key that would spark a fire under my butt and shoot me in to unstoppable action. I became a student of personal development and psychology. I became a SELF-HELP JUNKIE.

I thought I could improve my life and finances by listening to courses and reading books on success and wealth building. I bought books and attended courses and seminars that were designed to change my world.

I would leave the seminar or put down my book and feel like I was unstoppable. The next day would come and I wouldn't apply anything that I had learned. I thought the lack of what I was achieving had to do with things I wasn't doing right.

I was my own worst enemy sometimes and other times I thought I was a misunderstood genius.

I have had some victories and some major failures. But, my past failures have served me to know now what doesn't work!

After many years of trial and error, I realize that I have achieved far more by doing than I have by learning. In other words, knowledge is good but action is the King.

I created this blog for the purpose of creating a common bond with all my fellow SEEKERS OF TRUTH. I seek to inspire and entertain you with my random musings. I hope to create a community of like minded dreamer-doers!