Donna Kennedy-Glans

Donna Kennedy-Glans was elected as the Member of the Legislative Assembly for Calgary-Varsity on April 23, 2012. She chairs the Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship and she is a member of the Standing Committee on Privileges and Elections, Standing Orders and Printing.

Donna Kennedy-Glans was raised on a cattle farm in Southwestern Ontario and spent summers working on the family farm to fund her undergraduate and legal degrees. Donna believes profoundly in personal and corporate integrity, and the value of community engagement.

In her 25+ year career, Donna has become an internationally respected lawyer, businesswoman, author and speaker and has worked on projects in over 35 countries. As the first female
vice-president of Nexen Inc., her responsibilities included negotiating petroleum agreements and managing the company's relationships with host governments and communities around the world.

Since 2001 (and until she became MLA), Donna has consulted to business, community and government leaders helping them to more effectively navigate integrity dilemmas; in other words, to give them the strength to 'walk the talk'. Those insights are distilled in Corporate Integrity: A toolkit for managing beyond compliance (Wiley 2005), of which she is the lead author.

Donna founded the Canadian registered charity Bridges Social Development in 2002 to provide training for women and men in health care, law, journalism, education and politics in regions of the world where the different genders, faiths and cultures seek to work together. Unveiling Youth Potential, a global youth social entrepreneurship program, was launched in 2009 to support and encourage youth around the world including Diaspora and Aboriginal youth in Canada. All of these activities were funded by the private sector.

Donna has long advocated for a deeper dialogue on the development of Canada's oil sands; one that ensures the development occurs within a framework that recognizes the global need for energy and the needs of our children and our grandchildren.

Donna's personal courage has been tested; her personal integrity has been proved. In 2007, Donna was awarded a Global Woman of Vision award; in 2010, she was named a Compelling Calgarian.

Donna and her husband, Laurie, reside in Varsity where they have raised their three sons.