Donna McLean

People buy from people. It was true years ago, it’s true now. Product, features and price are important, but if the customer can’t relate to you or doesn’t like you, it’s over before it begins so send in someone else. I believe in solid honest relationships that are also interesting and fun. That is where it begins.

I like to think I am interesting and fun. I know I'm solid and honest!

I was Director of Operations for a company that recruited and placed internationally trained professionals in the physical therapy field. Great job – got to travel a bit and met all kinds of interesting people.

Organized and managed trade shows. Got to travel a bit and met all kinds of interesting people.

I attended events in Washington DC to help regulate the requirements that challenged licensure and INS regulations that caused legal ramifications in the industry. I also attended, on the same topic, events in San Francisco and Tampa. Got to travel a bit and met all kinds of interesting people.

For 18 years I co-owned and operated a graphic design studio. We employed 30 creative employees as well as sales and administrative personnel. I managed the business side of the organization, including legal, financial and employee relations. We had a great staff and some of the best talent in the city working with and for us. Didn’t get to travel as much, but met all kinds of interesting people.

I relax by reading. I also play golf, not quite as relaxing, but occasionally I get off a really great tee shot. I love playing golf with my kids the most – they let me cheat unless I’m beating them! I love listening to music, mostly the kind you can sing to, which I do while driving - alone.

Did I mention I'm SCUBA certified? Oh, and I have my motorcycle endorsement? I hope you think that’s pretty interesting.