Donna Pemberton

Writer, Public Speaker, and Life Coach in Gold Coast QLD, Australia

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Hello There, I’m Donna. I’m an author living in Gold Coast QLD, Australia. I am Like reading, writing, and meditation. I’m also interested in gardening and my 3 cats plus all the strays even some human ones.

My background is in accounting and finance which has done nothing for my health and wellbeing, it has however given me a good grounding for business and a solid understanding of the finance world. I might dye my hair blond but its a cover for me doing dumb stuff which we humans all do.

I have a meditation subscription with the new website under construction and I am an infant Massage instructor with online classes.

I have a book published Journal of Life ...your life and 2 up and coming books An ounce of inspiration how I overcame abuse and Messages from the dead Suicide the silent killer which are boh my story.

I am a Mindset Coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner which are the 3 things required to move from victim to victory as well as Counseling. I have and adv Cert in Psychology and counseling which has formed part of my self-help along with becoming Buddhist which is the best self-help on the planet.

I believe you have the right to believe in whatever you like as long as there is no harm to others,

I believe we are all one and hurting another living being hurts yourself.

I believe that all our suffering starts in the mind.

I believe you can have a good or bad day depending on which one you choose.

I believe that finding your purpose is instrumental in being able to be motivated in life and your ability to move forward toward your goals.

I believe that love makes the world go round and what goes around comes around - Karma.

Money might not buy you happiness but it takes away a lot of things that make you sad and it might create new problems but I would rather have problems and look for happiness with money than without. Money doesn't make you happy is a cop-out for not having any. Greed, on the other hand, is a different story but there are plenty of people and organizations with their hands out to help you with your excess money problems. You need to fill your own rice bowl first.