Donna Cowden

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Poetry and writing have always been a passion and hobby of Ms. Cowden’s which she now shares with you in ebook format in her first collection of children’s poetry,

“Sidewalk Chalk Doesn’t Wash Off” including: “He Caught a Case of the Me’s,” “I’m Going to Catch an Alligator,” “Paw Paw’s Truck,” “Crazy, Windy Day,” “Wee Picasso,” “Word Jambalaya,” and more!

Visit Smashwords to view a sampling of or purchase her latest children's poetry collection, "Sidewalk Chalk Doesn't Wash Off." Stop by Ms. Cowden's new WordPress blog at, "Magpie's Paper Tales," to see what she's currently working on.

Ebook technology affords Ms. Cowden the opportunity to electronically publish her poetry and illustrations introducing her works to you. You and your family are sure to enjoy her creative, fun poetry! Ms. Cowden is also an artist painting in the fauvism style and draws inspiration from a range of sources.

Donna Cowden lives, writes, and paints in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She grew up in a small rural town in the east and holds fond childhood memories of summers, winters, springs, and falls spent exploring the creeks and fields of her hometown.

Favorite places were the local general store, the sledding hill, the ice skating ponds, the swimming quarry, and the “crick” among others. Many of these stories are sure to pop up in future ebooks!

Ms. Cowden proudly supports the "World Vision" organization and will make donations from the sale of her works in support of their efforts.