Donna Thomas

Well, let's see approaching the empty nester stage and still find myself exploring what I want to do with the rest of my life. Why don't you help in that exploration as I outline the places I have been in somewhat chronological order and you can help me as I begin this new chapter in my adventures

~ College in Michigan

~ Travel to Switzerland-living there for two years and learned French

~ Worked in the hotel industry in both Switzerland & US upon my return to Michigan

~ Got transferred to Chicago via Hyatt and worked at 3 of their properties over a 10 year period. Which is where I met my French husband- yes, didn't meet him in Europe had to return to the US to accomplish this task :)

~ Got married in Michigan and left to live in France, while there my father died and we came back to Michigan after only a year in France.

~ Decided to give the travel industry a try and worked for a corporate travel company and taught at a local school for agents. This is where everything started to change and online bookings eventually closed my office

~ So another change in career paths and tried the investment and insurance worlds. Spent 6 years there and became a mom for the first time.

~ Time for a break to raise my 3 children (the oldest daughter adopted at age 11-many stories here). But the itch to find more value in my life and contribute put me back in the workforce as a graphic designer.

~ Divorce; which had me reasses my current position and as a result headed back to college and got my BS in internet technology and my MBA in Finance, was fortunate to do an intensive internship in India; what a wonderful learning experience

~ Spent almost 20 years with a local publisher designing their pages and ads when once again the internet impacted my life and our office was downsized and sold.

~ Currently, work still as a designer for a large multinational company but know that this will not last long in view of the many changes occuring over the last decade.

~ Been exploring the many options available online, have built and developed numerous blogs and websites, looking to see where it takes me.....