Donna Barr

Passion. Enthusiasm. Leadership. BOLD ACTION. These are the words that you think of immediately when Donna Barr comes to mind. It’s her practical, focused way of taking action in her own life as well as inspiring it in the lives and businesses of her clients that has lead her to create her signature program BOLD ACTION, an effective and positive transformational program, that will move you from where you are today to where you see yourself going!

As an inspired and powerful speaker, author and transformational leader, she believes that life and business challenges should be viewed as gifts and teachers. They open doors to the pathway of greater possibilities and higher results. She has mastered the belief that we should allow life to present all its wonderful gifts, through every circumstance, and that everything is in Divine order.

As a transformational leader, Ms. Barr will help you identify your limiting beliefs. Give you tools that will harness your power and potential. She will help map a course to your inner treasures that will transform you or your organization to realize your greatest results.

She was awarded a BS degree in Computer Science from Winston Salem State University later receiving her MS degree from John Hopkins University. She brings over 20+ years corporate experience as an IT professional and is a certified PMP. Ms. Barr was not only known for her sharp technical skills, but was recognized for her positive attitude, and her ability to foster trusting relationships with her colleagues, teams, and customers. As an innovative leader she mastered the soft skills of self-awareness, empathy, communication, team-building, facilitation, interpersonal relationships and problem solving. She is a member of the renowned Les Brown Platinum Speakers and has been selected among the top 5 in "Communicate Your Way to Greatness".

But what Donna believes is, that none of her formal education, compares to her degree in life, gained from transforming some of her most difficult challenges. She is the very proud mother of 3 handsome adult sons, who she considers the best part of her life story.

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