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I do not set an alarm to wake up before my son. I don’t volunteer at his preschool. I do not make my own toothpaste and I have not cooked from scratch in weeks. My email inbox and my laundry pile are both out of control and I have no plans to tame either. If I remember to bring something to a church potluck, it is rarely homemade. I’ve recently decided to permanently take off my super woman cape. I am going to cease the super human expectations, take a breath and focus on one thing I can do. Sometimes that one thing involves playing with legos or dump trucks with a beautiful little boy. But sometimes that means putting on a movie for him, so I can spend some time journaling and clearing my head.

While I’m on a roll, I’ll add a real confession: I used to judge single parents – whether they were divorced or not – I judged them and I made assumptions I had no right to make.