Donnacha Daly

I'm an interdisciplinary systems engineer with a passion for innovation and the application of new ideas to important societal and economic challenges. I like to keep things interesting by working on a wide range of projects. Here's a few...

Automated detection and reporting of risks in financial markets

Guidance systems for the blind based on embedding tiny radio tags in concrete

Equipment design for broadband communications over power cables

Framework for allocating and rebalancing portfolios of alternative assets

Modeling and cancelling electronic noise

It's all tied together through my background in statistical signal processing. I am very excited about the emerging discipline of data-science and the business opportunities in big-data. Right now I'm working on building my skill-sets in data-curation, -analytics, and -visualization. I also do a fair bit of career coaching for young engineers.

If I'm not working, I'm probably reading, cooking, playing the guitar or watching rugby.

Email me if you have an exciting project and need collaborators.