Donna Doram

I create from African Fabric unique place settings for a wonderful ethnic meal table. Using the Adinkra symbols of wisdom on the placemats, mugs, bookmarks, table tiles and even tiles along the walk paths of Labyrinths, a spiritual connection is made to the culture of West African forefathers and the heritage lost. The Adinkra Symbols of Wisdom bring into one's life a sense of fulfillment and completion which has otherwise been lost for many decades. Having sailed to and lived on the island of Bimini in the Bahamas an even deeper ethereal connection was made to previous lifetime experiences which reflect throughout my creations. Bimini has been studied and written about by many scientists, scholars, and authors most notably Edgar Cayce and Ernest Hemingway who lived there as well. Bimini is defined as the top of the tallest mountain from the continent of Atlantis left in the region. It is told that anyone who reaches Bimini from an innate yearning are descendents from the inhabitants of Atlantis. They come as a result of deep memories of previous lifetime experiences. This is what I've experienced. In the early 60's I felt drawn to this little island simply by dreams, then through the awareness of others Senator Adam Clayton Powell, Ernest Hemingway wrote in the foreword of his book, "Islands in the Stream" his impressions of Bimini, Dr. Martin Luther King spent time there writing parts of his book, "Where Do We Go From Here", Stokely Carmichael during that political era of conscience awareness came with many of his cohorts. Bimini has an illustrious history of visitors who reached it's shores due to the inner stirrings it creates on many personal levels. As an artist everything I had previously dreamt about, read, felt innately all came to fruition on Bimini, my canvases came alive from my inner realizations, my writing as well. I've imagined how Ernest Hemingway must have felt writing there when he stated once, "a writer should experience being an artist just as an artist should also write". I've imagined how deeply visual Dr. Martin Luther King must have been when he wrote his "I Had A Dream" speech, could it have been inspired by his time spent on Bimini? Standing on the tallest point of Bimini seeing the Atlantic Ocean all around, Dr. King said "I've been to the mountain top" he saw all of God's children. God is a spirit of love which has existed from the beginning of time, Atlantian time, presently, we're all bound together by His love