D. Erica Pascual

Brooklyn, NY

I care about being in love with what I do, enjoying the work I put out there and the people I work with. I pour out my heart and soul into my projects and make sure that I'm putting the best work out there. Progressive in methodology, strategic in thinking, I like to challenge others to go beyond the standard and use my colored background and past to help me think laterally.

Anything and everything sparks my curiousity. I've stayed up way past my bedtime too many times because I've been reading/trolling the internet/tweeting/instragraming! I'm also a big believer that digital technology is and will keep transforming human behavior, and hence should change the way businesses operate (and I mean all businesses including agencies, vendors and clients)!

I'm interested in working in any categories, but I especially love working on categories that are perceived to be 'more complex' as it challenges me to distil the learnings into a simple yet strategic solutions.