Donna Jenkins


Six years ago I spent my days neck deep in SOPs at a biotech company, converting a paper based EM system to an electronic based model and running a microbiology lab. Now I spend my days neck-deep in paper and sippy cups. The latter is far more challeging.

Our family participates in Classical Conversations and we focus on reading, reading, reading! And math. And some nature (but dang I hate being outside in the NC allergy season!).

I prefer to give myself the title of "writer" because I've been "writing" on the internet since 2002. They weren't called blogs back then so obviously I've not always been a blogger but I have always been a writer. Ah ha! I've found a caveat that lets me escape the ubiquitously nouveau title of "blogger" which I have come to loathe.

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    • QC
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    • North Carolina State University, BS, Biological Sciences