Donna Joy West

Hi Friends! Thanks for visiting my profile. A lil about me... I'm 32 and I live in Canada together with my wonderful husband and family of 4+1 dog. There is never a dull moment in our home. I am grateful for the freedom & flexibility that my online business provides. I help wellness minded moms find the freedom they crave. I don't have any specials certifications to do what I do. I am too busy doing what I love...maybe some day! What I do have is this: some highly successful mentors, a deep seeded dream, a burning desire & real life experience. I am carving my own path and creating a community of people who want to breakout of the norm and live life on their own terms, enjoying increased wellness & freedom in every area of our lives. The best way to connect with me & my community is through my blog & monthly Newsletter. If I were to sum up the story of my life in one simple statement I would say this. "Blessings in disguise."