Donna Kelly

Small Business Owner in Belmar, New Jersey

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I am passionate about helping women create a life they absolutely love and have the confidence and financial security to enjoy increased personal income, funding a business, guilt free spending, donating to charity, creating trusts for children, grandchildren or a worthy cause, mentoring other women and so much more. I've been fortunate to be able to enjoy working from home for over 11 years creating a fabulous living. I love to help women step into entrepreneurship and create a business that can help them spend more time with their families, eliminate commuting, upsize for retirement, take that extended vacation, do what they want when they want enjoying a debt free life. Having the ability to eliminate my own personal health issues over 13 years ago and live my life free of disease has been a blessing. I love lighting up others and helping them realize their unlimited potential. If you'd love to explore the possibilities available to you let's connect today.