Donna Keranen

Sudbury, Ontario

Donna Keranen is a teacher, a learner, a chinchilla owner, and a television show watcher.

Donna knew she wanted to be a teacher from the time that she was a young girl attending R.H. Murray Public School in Whitefish, Ontario. In order to reach her goal, she tutored her peers and worked with youth throughout her time there and at Lively District Secondary School. Her love of mathematics lead her to complete a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a minor in Chemistry, followed by a Bachelor of Education from Nipissing University. Armed with a strong background in mathematics and chemistry, a teaching education, and her passion for learning, Donna was ready to start teaching.

Donna lives in Sudbury, Ontario with her husband Devin Carlson and their pet chinchilla Ryuzaki. When she is not with her students, Donna can usually be found sipping tea in a cafe or exploring the South End of Sudbury on her own two feet.