Donna Marsh

Nashville, TN

Write about myself? Why? I hate doing that! Okay, maybe just a bit .

I'm a single mother of two incredible sons and two and a half hellish dogs, author, sluggish blogger, Fibromyalgia advocate, lousy photographer, avid crocheter, paranormal researcher and currently bored beyond belief. I’m just me.

I share a little trailer with a terrific roommate (the other crazy lady) and the Hounds of Hell -- Titan, a Weimaraner we refer to as “the horse” and who probably thinks his name is “Damn it, Titan!” And then there’s the Corgi named Brighid, my little diva. She firmly believes she’s the world’s most adorable Corgi and the world exists simply to worship her. My roommate and I sort of share custody of Lil Bit, a very happy Chihuahua who adopted us in September 2014.

I have both Fibromyalgia and Lupus, and, while they are both considered "invisible" illnesses, I am not invisible. Therefore, I oversee Fibro Friends, a coalition devoted to Advocacy, Education and Support.

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