Donna Millard

Much of my work has an organic and unrealistic feel to it (though sometimes I let the old flower girl part of me show through). This comes from years I spent living in remote Alaska, a place as organic and wild as can be. The sea, the mountains and the life contained within all influence my work. I enjoy the abstract quality, journey of color, shape, and energy of glass.

I spend much of my time in solitude. Sometimes others perceive this solitary time for creation as depressing or weird. In some ways it's more difficult and unpredictable, but I find it much more rewarding.

I am most comfortable watching where the glass and flame take me. If other people end up liking my work, it's an added bonus. I am not saying this is the best and only way to approach creation, it's just the way I work and produce best, and I've discovered through my own experience that my work speaks most clearly when I let it speak on its own.

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