Donna Shenk

Blogging over at Hey, Donna! where I discuss keeping the home while keeping it real. Where I share an honest look into my busy life including, my stories and struggles in motherhood, homemaking, faith, family, working from home and living a full life.

There will be typos, the overuse of exclamation marks, and a bounty of sarcasm (you've been warned!).

Why blog about it all?

My reasons for blogging vary. As I moved into motherhood, I realized quickly that this season of life - parenting - was going to be quite the adventure! I began blogging as a way to connect to the outside world while I sometimes felt "stuck" at home raising little ones. Blogging turned into something that I really loved. Hey, Donna! is meant to be a place where I can be honest and open and be myself. Sharing tips, tricks, and things to avoid while I stumble my way through parenting and homemaking. I do NOT have it all figured out so don't be fooled! My goal is to encourage others while challenging myself to live a joy-filled life, raise our children well, and stay sane in the process!

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