Donna Seto

Writer in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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I am a writer currently working on my first novel, A Little Rain Must Fall. The novel provides a dystopic exploration of race and gender relations in a world dominated by far-right interests.

In my previous life, I spent my days exploring the complexity of intersectional violence during armed conflict and how the repercussions of sexual violence impact subsequent generations. My previous book, No Place for a War Baby: The Global Politics of Children Born of Wartime Sexual Violence (Routledge, 2013), engages in the subfields of global politics while examining a range of international conflicts, children’s rights literature, and gender theory. I have published in the areas of humanitarian organizations, visual images of war-affected children, and refugee policy.

I hold a doctorate in Politics and International Relations. I've taught in the areas of children and global conflict, refugee policy, political philosophy, and and gender and war at the University of British Columbia and the Australian National University.

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