Donna Willis, MD, MPH

Physician Public Health Medical Educator in France

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You are looking at the Hôtel Dieu across from the Rhône River in Lyon, my city. It was a hospital, now a historical landmark. I live in France, a beautiful country, with an intelligent simplicity that emerges out of the complexity integral to the French way of thinking. As a physician, I value their commitment to universal healthcare.

My current focus is social media and digital health as it applies to enhancing the patient's experience, to encouraging health behavior change, to promoting public health, and to keeping the CARE in healthcare in a digital age.

As a medical educator, I am building bridges in international medical education and STEM education. As a medical journalist my focus is the useful differences between the USA and EU healthcare systems, especially France. And as a person of faith, I have a personal interest in the role of faith in health and healing. I am an avid mobile photographer and music soundtracker!

Phillipians 4:4 is my personal motto, rejoice always!

  • Work
    • Circle of Willis, Faculty Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Education
    • Mayo Clinic, University of Michigan